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It started with a silly little button in a reggae shop in downtown Kyoto.  On our first night in port nearly two weeks at sea, my friends and I wander into a Rastafarian's paradise in the middle of Japan.  "All People Be Happy" read the tiny button.  We all figured they meant to steal Bob Marley's famous line, "Don't Worry, Be Happy."  My friend purchased the button and displayed it proudly on his backpack.

Over the course of the journey, almost inexplicably, those four words morphed from a ridiculous slogan to a phrase of enormous significance for me.  I came to see that these four words perfectly encapsulated my desire for humanity.  As I witnessed magnitudes of poverty which few people have even the capacity to imagine, as I stared at the destruction remnants of Hiroshima and in the War Museum in Vietnam, as I sat and listened to the unbelievable tales of sorrow and lose of the Congolese refugees we met in Tanzania, again and again I wished that all people could just live happily.

                            Eric Tang, co-founder, 2004

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Our mission is to build a world in which all people can be happy.  To foster happiness, we will attack a major cause of unhappiness throughout the world: poverty.  We will devote our resources and effort in the under-developed world, because we believe this is where we can do the most good.  We will strive to achieve our vision by initiating and supporting innovative programs in education and training, healthcare, and sustainable agriculture.

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Address the root causes of poverty in the developing world by funding effective and impactful projects of non-profit organizations.

We strive to initiate projects of major significance.

Encourage young people to make a difference in the world, by giving them the funding they require to fuel their passions and give of their time and talents.

We do this with 5 programs: Opportunity Projects, Project Grants, Challenge Grants, Fellows Program, and Volunteer Service Awards.

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1302 Waugh Drive, #257, Houston, Texas 77019-3908

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