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Blog #202: Fellow Qaasim Ali with Collateral Repair Project

The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has awarded a Fellows grant to Qaasim Ali, working with Collateral Repair Project in Amman, Jordan.  Founded in 2006, Collateral Repair Project (CRP) currently runs various programs to serve children and youth refugees from Iraq, Syria, Somali, Sudan, and Yemen, ranging from education to trauma relief.  As a Youth Officer for CRP, Qaasim has adapted the pre-Covid education curriculum to an online format.  This includes 12 online sessions introducing principles of community service and 6 sessions dedicated to the implementation of students’ independent projects.  He also teaches English classes on-line, works on after-school club and summer camp, and trains new volunteers to CRP’s two community centers in Hashemi Shamali and Downtown. 


Blog #201: Project Grant to The Pangea Network

The Pangea Network equips women and youth in Kenya with education, life skills and resources to improve their overall quality of life and realize their full potential.  The Network has over 600 active members in cooperatives across Kenya, and in 2017 created its Women’s Health Initiative (WHI).  The WHI provides much needed training workshops on the female and male reproductive systems, sexually transmitted infections, the science of fertilization, stages of pregnancy, proper nutrition during pregnancy, the birthing process and menopause.  The Foundation just awarded a third $10,000 Project Grant to The Pangea Network to support the Tubonge Uwazi Dada Initiative (TUDAI) which builds on the prior Women’s Health Initiative by giving Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health (ASRH) talks to 375 adolescent girls (by using 15 local peer educators after 5-days of training).  TUDAI also gives 3 days of training to 150 parents.

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Blog #200: Update on Challenge Grant to Green Empowerment

A Challenge Grant ($100,000 over 3 years, 2020-2022) was awarded to Green Empowerment for a program to “Improving Healthcare, Education and Agriculture through Renewable Energy Access in Uganda.”  In the inaugural year 2020, they created the DREAM (Decision Response Energy Assessment Management) Tool, an app for remote data collection that allows community service providers to understand their energy needs without having technical expertise.  Using the app, Green Empowerment completed a comprehensive energy assessment with Medical Teams International (MTI) on 56 health facilities in Uganda, serving over 250,000 patients quarterly.  The assessment found that 35 facilities (63%) had “unreliable” or “no access” to electricity, despite offering 24/7 services, along with 24 facilities (43%) that relied on diesel as the primary or secondary energy source.  The survey has helped MTI decision makers to understand the current energy demand across their portfolio of clinics.  To ensure the biggest impact the analysis incorporated MTI’s priorities to rank health facilities and identified the top 12 clinics for solar energy installation.


Blog #199: Update on Project Grant to Little Sisters Fund

Despite the upheaval brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Little Sisters Fund’s Basic Educator Training Program (BET) found a way to continue preparing and training teachers in Nepal.  During the 2nd quarter of 2020, they suspended the BET program after Nepal entered a nationwide COVID lockdown on March 24 and all schools were closed.  The nationwide lockdown ended July 21, 2020 and although local and regional lockdowns continued off and on throughout the summer and fall, they were able to resume BET sessions via Zoom in July.  Specifically, 337 teachers participated in 9 Zoom trainings on using 3D models to further students’ understanding in areas of social studies, science, mathematics and art, 6 in-person follow-up visits were made to schools prior to COVID-19 lockdowns, and 44 virtual follow-up visits were made via Zoom.

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Blog #198: Project Grant to The Tandana Foundation

The Tandana Foundation collaborates with communities in Mali’s Bandiagara District on initiatives that address community priorities.  In late 2020, the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation awarded a Project Grant of $9,477 to the Tandana Foundation for the creation of two school gardens, at the secondary school of Ondogou and the primary school of Saredina, Mali.  These gardens permit students to earn income with which they can purchase school and first aid supplies, enrich educational experience, and provide nutrition to the students.  The Tandana Foundation help the students elected management committees to lead their garden efforts, train these committees along with teachers and parent representatives, install fences to protect the gardens from livestock, and purchase seeds, fruit tree seedlings, and tools to get the gardens started.


Blog #197: Update on Project Grant to Saha Global

Saha Global works in Ghana to set up entrepreneurial women with a chlorinating business that provides clean water to the public at a price that all can afford.  During the pandemic, Saha Global initiated the Coronavirus Emergency Water Fund (EWF) and provided free clean water to the villagers.  From June 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021, the EWF ran in 225 villages, with approximately 100,000 residents served and almost 600 participating women entrepreneurs.  Their latest data show that 1) over 8 million liters of water were treated, 2) recent round of water testing showed 100% of the businesses tested were free of E. coli, and 3) households consumed 6X the amount of water each day during this period than they did in in 2019.  With the ending of EWF on March 31, 2021, the main question to be answered is “How many customers are “sticky”? After receiving Saha water for free for 6 months, will customers be willing to pay for it again?”

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Blog #196: Update on Project Grant to Village Health Works

In late 2020, we awarded a Project Grant to a long-time partner, Village Health Works (VHW); this time to support its food security strengthening program.  From November 2020 through January 2021, VHW has continued to develop its strategic approach towards scaling on-site food services to meet the anticipated 15% increase in patients seen on campus with the opening of the Women’s Health Pavilion in the second half of 2021.  VHW’s plans are to build on its established model farmer program to establish a local food procurement system that can not only provide adequate quantities of food for all patients but also create market access for the
surrounding small-holder farmers.  In anticipation for season B, the 8 hectares of land on-site is being prepped to sow.  With bean seeds already available from the previous harvest, they are at the start of the purchasing process for the additional seeds that have been forecasted to meet the needs of the patient population.

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Blog #195: Update on Project Grant to Global Emergency Care

Emergency medical doctors are in short supply in Uganda, Global Emergency Care (GEC) since 2007 has been training nurses to be Emergency Care Practitioners (ECPs) to enable many more patients to receive emergency medical care.  In 2019, Global Emergency Care began the process of transitioning management of the ECP training and education program to local partners.  This involves transitioning full management of the ECP Diploma program to Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST), and transitioning oversight of the ECP workforce to graduates of the new Master of Medicine Residency Program for Ugandan Emergency Physicians.  In January of 2021, 4 emergency care practitioner students at Masaka Hospital have finished classes, completed their exams, and are awaiting the beginning of their final semester of training.  Three Masters of Emergency Care students graduated and were retained at MUST to support the management of the ECP training and management and advocacy of emergency care in Uganda. Talks have begun for the opening of an emergency department at Kisoro Hospital in Masaka.

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Blog #194: Update on Project Grant to LifeNet International

In 2020, LifeNet International (LN) was awarded a $10,000 Project Grant from the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation to create deep, permanent change in a health facility in the Burundian district of Bugendana.  Over the course of one year, LN is providing high-impact, capacity-building monthly trainings in medical and management best practices.  A quarterly report explains: “Thank you for your generous support of the Bugendana Clinic…Your compassion enabled more than 2,100 patient visits to be improved over the past three months…we are grateful for the privilege of equipping Bugendana Clinic with the resources they need to provide high-quality, compassionate care to their community.  Even in the face of COVID-19, the staff of Bugendana has the privilege of welcoming new life into the world.  This last quarter, 129 new babies were born under the care of skilled women and men who had received LifeNet training.”

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Blog #193: Moving Out of the Darkness

2020 was certainly a terrible year for the global community.  In this 2021 inaugural blog, we first sum up the activities of the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation for the past year, and then look forward to a brighter new year.  In 2020, we did not grant any Volunteer Service Award due to the restrictions on overseas travel.  We awarded four Fellows Program grants to in-country recipients working in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jordan, and Uganda.  We were able to install solar energy packages in 36 more rural primary schools in Tanzania, and we funded the first year of a Challenge Grant to Green Empowerment for solar energy systems in health clinics in Uganda.  Despite the Pandemic, most of the organization we worked with were able to carry on with their program after making modifications to conform with pandemic requirements.  We renewed 7 Project Grants and awarded 6 new ones.  There is no doubt that 2020 was a backward step in reducing Global Poverty, however the Foundation remains committed to “Building A World Where All People Can Be Happy.”      

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Blog #192: Education Across Borders Fellow Gonal Fransua Charle

In the past year, Gonal Fransua Charle has been an AllPeopleBeHappy foundation Fellows Program award recipient working with Education Across Borders in the Dominican Republic.  As the Academic Mentor and EAB Program Coordinator, Gonal has been helping 7 university students to complete their course work and obtain their bachelor’s degrees under Educations Across Borders’s University Scholarship Program.  Under the High School Scholarship Program, Gonal has been working to strengthen the performance of high school students through group and individual meetings, as well as visits to high schools to better monitor each student individually.  This past year he has assisted and supported more than 50 students at all levels to master a subject matter or to navigate a difficult situation.

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Blog #191: Yspaniola Fellow Julio Louis

Over the past two years, Julio Louis has been an AllPeopleBeHappy foundation Fellows Program award recipient working with Yspaniola in the Dominican Republic.  As the Director of Operations of the Batey Libertad Education Center, his main tasks have been to 1) help the children of Haitian immigrants born in the Dominican Republic to obtain their identification documents to legally reside in the country, 2) recruit and support the students of the University Scholarship Program, strengthening and overseeing the program, 3) lead the Experiential and Service-Learning Program, welcoming to the community many groups, ranging from smaller groups of just six visitors, up to a group of 50 individuals from Yale University Alumni Service Corps, and 4) serve as a bridge between the community and the organization for the planning and development of community projects.

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