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Blog #248: Grant Renewal to Rooted Wisdom Africa

Rooted Wisdom Africa (formerly Into Your Hands Africa) teaches farming techniques to new and existing farmers in 10 villages in Kikinene, Uganda.  This Farmer Field School Program teaches farming at a demonstration farm with twice a week 4-hour lessons (29 total lessons).  The Farmer Field School Program operates on a no-cost or low-cost basis, ensuring that participants have access to comprehensive training in both business and agricultural aspects of farming.  With the support of the first Project Grant from AllPeopleBeHappy foundation in 2022, the initial cohort of 28 farmers successfully graduated in June of 2023.  This project empowers marginalized people in rural Uganda by fostering opportunity, learning, and self-sufficiency.  The second Project Grant of $9,000 is being used to support the training of two new cohorts starting in December of 2023. 

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Sunsar Maya 1.jpg

Blog #247: Grant Renewal to Sunsar Maya

Sunsar Maya is a non-profit working in Nepal to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged children and women through community-based services.  They directly serve 200+ children and women in 3 community centers at Jorpati, Mahalaxmi, and Machhegaun.  Four AllPeopleBeHappy Project Grants were awarded to Sunsar Maya in 2018 to 2022 for its SuMa Women’s Literacy Program.  This program teaches approximately 100 women each year conversation and written English, Nepali, and mathematics.  By building the women’s literacy and numeracy skills in their native language, they can more easily manage daily tasks, such as shopping and paying bills, and perform life skills such as navigating government offices, using a bank account, and participating more fully in their communities.  In 2023, a fifth Project Grant of $12,500 is being used to support the salaries of Sunsar Maya’s 12 full-time teachers and 8 part-time teachers.

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Blog #246: Grant Renewal to Pangea Network

AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has been supporting the work of the Pangea Network in Kenya for the past four years.  The program, titled Tubonge Uwazi na Dada Initiative (TUDAI), is an Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) teaching workshop program.  The various phases of the program consist of 1) Sensitization/Community Engagement Meetings, 2) Training of Trainers Workshops, 3) Parents’ ASRH Workshops, 4) Girls ASRH Workshops, 5) Peer Meetings, Focus Groups, and 6) Monitoring & Evaluation.  In 2021 through 2022, phases 1-6 were completed with 116 opinion leaders, 15 trainers, 202 parents, and 375 girls.  The Foundation is providing a $10,225 Project Grant in support of the 2023-2024 effort.

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Blog #245: Fellows Grant to Moussa Timbine

The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has awarded a Fellows grant to Moussa Timbine, working with Tandana Foundation in Mali.  As the Program Coordinator of the Tommo Dah area, his assignment for Tandana Foundation is to 1) organize meetings with partner communities, 2) to plan for projects, 3) to follow up on projects, 4) to support Tandana’s Women’s Literacy, Leadership, and Enterprise Program, and 5) to assist in Measurement &Evaluation (M&E) of all ten Tandana’s literacy centers.

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Blog #244: Fellows Grant to Denise Aleong-Thomas

The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has awarded a Fellows grant to Denise Aleong-Thomas, working with Amizade in Trinidad & Tobago.  Denise is currently the owner of a guest house, Samise Villa, in the community of Saint Anns, in the city of Port of Spain.  As a Program Coordinator, her assignment for Amizade is to 1) reinstate and re-establish community-based tourism and high impact projects (e.g., park, soup kitchen, tutoring center, library) with Dorcas Women’s Group in Matelot, Trinidad, and 2) to rebuild and resume service-learning program with Amizade.

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Blog #243: Project Grant to Indego Africa

Indego Africa, founded in 2007, is dedicated to empowering artisan women in Rwanda and Ghana through employment opportunities and education.  The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has been a longtime supporter of Indego Africa, with a Challenge Grant in 2013-2015, Project Grants in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2020-2022, and Fellows grants in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.  In 2021 and 2022, Indego Africa conducted a skills training program for refugees at the Mahema Refugee Camp in Rwanda.  They were able to teach 150 Burundi refugees basic business skills and to produce high-quality baskets and bags.  The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation Project Grant in 2023 is providing this same training to 20 Congolese refugees at this camp.  The program consists of 6 months of vocational training in a specific handicraft, then 4 months of basic business training, and providing market access for the entire 10 months.

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Blog #242: Project Grant to Green Empowerment

Green Empowerment works with in-country partner organizations to build clean water and renewable energy infrastructure with indigenous and rural communities across the globe.  The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has been a longtime supporter of Green Empowerment, with six $10,000 Project Grants from 2015 to 2020, and a 3-year Challenge Grant of $100,000 from 2020 to 2022.  In 2023, a 7th Project Grant of $15,000 has been awarded for the project “Piped Water Systems: Nyakabale Solar Motorized Water System in Kiryandongo District, Uganda.”  This area currently has 4 boreholes, all manually operated, for the 6,000 people in 6 villages.  This project is to install a solar motorized water pumping system to storage tank at the Nyakabale borehole and to develop a piped water distribution network with the other 3 boreholes to provide water to 3,000 people.

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Blog #241: Fellows Grant to Katya Diaz Salcedo

In mid-2022, the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation awarded a Fellows grant to Katya Diaz Salcedo, working with Green Empowerment (GE) in Peru.  As the Program Coordinator for Peru and Bolivia, Katya’s assignment is to 1) coordinate with GE’s partners – Energy, Environment & Sustainability (EA&S) and Water for People (WFP), 2) manage GE’s portfolio of projects in watershed conservation and solar water pumping, 3) translate GE’s documents into Spanish, 4) do research and analyze 5 potential partners, and 5) participate in GE hosted technical training.  By March of 2023, hand in hand with local partners, she has identified a total of 9 proposals in Peru and Bolivia and is working on securing financing for these projects.

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The Superkids Foundation 1.jpg

Blog #240: Grant Renewal to Superkids Foundation

The Superkids Foundation improves education in Paraguay by utilizing 4th-6th grade children as “Kid Teachers” to teach younger kids to learn to read.  In early 2023, the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation awarded a fourth $10,000 Project Grant to support this “Mobilizing Children as Agents of Change” program.  In the 2022 program, the 100+ Kid Teachers (4th to 6th graders, age 10 to 14) engaged in peer-to-peer tutoring of 2,100 younger students (age 5-10), resulting in 23,000 hours of learning instructions.  The 2023 grant is providing salary to youths to be the facilitators and coordinators to the Kid Teachers.  The first quarter of 2023 started with a summary camp training for 174 Kid Teachers.

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Blog #239: Grant Renewal to Saha Global

Saha Global works in Ghana to set up entrepreneurial women with a chlorinating business that provides clean water to the public at a price that all can afford.  In early 2023, we renewed, for the 6th year, our $10,000 Project Grant to Saha Global.  They currently have 389 water businesses, run by 1,109 women, serving more than 127,000 people in Ghana.  In 2022, Saha Global started 102 new water businesses which were run by 284 women, serving 18,400 people.  Our 2023 grant will be used to open 24 more of these businesses, providing livelihood to 77 women each year.

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