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Blog #223: Project Grant to Indego Africa

Indego Africa, founded in 2007, is dedicated to empowering artisan women in Rwanda and Ghana through employment opportunities and education.  The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has been a longtime supporter of Indego Africa, with a Challenge Grant in 2013-2015, Project Grants in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2020-2021, and Fellows grants in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.  In 2022, another Project Grant of $10,000 has been awarded to Indego Africa for providing opportunity for 65 women in northern Ghana to participate in the artisan economy.  The program consists of 1) Basic Business Training (2 days/week) for 2 months, 2) Dye Training and dye processed bolga, 3) Access to Capital and Knowledge of Microfinance Training, 4) Design Training and QC Refresher, 5) Renovation of existing workspace in Bongo, 6) Research and secure 2-year rental workspace in Bolgatanga for Asibi cooperative. 

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Blog #222: Project Grant to Into Your Hands Africa

Into Your Hands Africa (IYHA) is teaching farming techniques to new and existing farmers in 10 villages in Kikinene, Uganda.  This Demonstration Farm Project comprises two interconnected components, a Farm Field School (FFS) and a Master Farm Program (MFP).  The steps being taken are: 1) purchase land, 2) public communication, 3) introductory meeting, 4) recruit 25 participants, 5) 2-day lead trainer’s farm visit, 6) 6 months of business and agricultural classes, 7) harvest and selling, 8) open house day for 400 people, and 9) pick top farmers as future trainers.  This project empowers marginalized people in rural Uganda by fostering opportunity, learning, and self-sufficiency.  A Project Grant of $7,900 from the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation is being used to support this effort. 


Blog #221: Project Grant Update - Pangea Network

AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has been supporting the work of the Pangea Network in Kenya for the past three years.  The program, titled Tubonge Uwazi na Dada Initiative (TUDAI), is an Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) teaching workshop program.  The various phases of the program consist of 1) Sensitization/Community Engagement Meetings, 2) Training of Trainers Workshops, 3) Parents’ ASRH Workshops, 4) Girls ASRH Workshops, 5) Peer Meetings, Focus Groups, and 6) Monitoring & Evaluation.  In 2021, phases 1-4 were completed with 116 community members, 15 trainers, 202 parents, and 375 girls.  Phases 5-6 will take place between May and August of 2022.  The Foundation is providing a $10,000 Project Grant to support the completion of these latter phases.


Blog #220: Project Grant Update - Project Alianza

AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has been a longtime supporter of Project Alianza, working in Nicaragua and El Salvador.  In recent years, the Foundation has been making contributions to help operate their flagship Community Allies Program (CAP), a program that recruits local women as community educators in poorer quality schools, and trains them on a broad range of interventions standards (e.g., WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), Teach-at-the-Right-Level).  During the Pandemic and resulting school closures, the APBH funds were allocated for personal protective equipment/materials to safely interact with students, materials for families and children who were affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota last year, and supplies (books. school supplies, interactive workbooks) for their libraries.  Project Alianza has been approved by the Ministry of Education to resume the Community Allies Program (CAP) in-person for 2022 in 54 communities in Nicaragua.

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Blog #219: Project Grant Update - Clinica Verde

A $10,000 Project Grant was awarded to Clinica Verde in May of 2021 for the teaching of biointensive agro-ecological practices to coffee farmers in Nicaragua.  Clinica Verde selected 81 families (362 members) in three communities in the Municipality of Boaco: Loma de Cafén, Peña de Cafén and La Reyna.  The 81 families were trained in the bio-intensive method and were provided seeds (tomatoes, chiltoma, celery, onions, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, pipian, squash) for their gardens.  72% of the families have land for harvesting, 28% of the families do not have land for food use but have a small patio.  At the final evaluation, 100% of the families have a garden to grow vegetables to improve their diet and nutrition, and 98% improved their income.

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Blog #218: Project Grant to Global Pearls

Founded in 2016, the mission of Global Pearls is to empower local changemakers in developing countries to reduce suffering and foster hope among marginalized populations.  In 2020, flooding from back-to-back hurricanes devastated communities around San Pedro Sula, Honduras, destroying homes and all belongings.  To restore hope, Global Pearls initiated a three-tier project: 1) Train youths in basic electrical skills, construction of solar panels, and installation of solar and wifi systems, 2) The students are given hands-on training at job sites and a chance to install solar and wifi systems at schools in mountain communities, 3) At the end of their training, students receive a set of basic, high-quality tools so they can start working independently.  A $10,000 Project Grant from the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation is being used to train 50 youths in basic electrical skills/construction of solar panels/installation of solar/wifi systems, provide them with 50 toolkits, and bring solar/wifi to 8 villages. 


Blog #217: Project Grant Update - A Breeze of Hope

A Breeze of Hope provides school-based sexual violence awareness education to students in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  From August 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, through 172 virtual workshops, A Breeze of Hope taught 4,858 students, 275 parents, 452 teachers, and 1,330 professional & justice officials.  Using ZOOM, the workshop facilitator noticed a strong trend in virtual sessions that strongly contrasts with in-person workshops - participants’ attention tended to stray as they are multi-tasking.  Therefore, she restricted her commentary to 2 to 3 minutes, followed by engaging questions open to all participants.  She also allowed students to respond and engaged via chat boxes, which helped shy students engage.  This allowed her to address before the whole group issues raised in private chat.  In December 2021, the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation awarded a fifth $10,000 Project Grant to support them in continuing their re-opening effort.

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Blog #216: Project Grant Update - The Superkids Foundation

The Superkids Foundation improves education in Paraguay by mobilizing 4th-6th grade children as “Kid Teachers” to teach younger kids to learn to read.  With the arrival of Covid-19, the program was moved on-line, with The Kid Teachers continue their teaching virtually on Zoom.  They resumed training small groups of Kid Teachers in January of 2021 with on-site, masked, and socially distanced programming.  By the end of 2021, Covid-19 cases in Paraguay were running at 84 per day, and vaccinations are freely available to children and adults 12+.  Google states that 45% of the population has had one dose and 35% are fully vaccinated.  In December 2021, the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation awarded a third $10,000 Project Grant to support them in continuing their re-opening effort.


Blog #215: Challenge Grant Update - Green Empowerment

A Challenge Grant ($100,000 over 3 years, 2020-2022) was awarded to Green Empowerment for a program to “Improving Healthcare, Education and Agriculture through Renewable Energy Access in Uganda.”  In the inaugural year 2020, they created the DREAM (Decision Response Energy Assessment Management) Tool, an app that allowed them to complete a comprehensive energy assessment with Medical Teams International (MTI) on 56 health facilities in Uganda, serving over 250,000 patients quarterly.  This survey helped Green Empowerment to identify the top 12 clinics for solar energy installation.  In 2021, a Uganda Program Coordinator was hired, and installation of the solar energy system began at the first of these clinics, Nyumanzi Health Center.

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Blog #214: Opportunity Project Update - Solar in Tanzania

In 2018, we initiated an Opportunity Project to bring solar energy to primary schools in Tanzania.  Most primary schools in rural Tanzania do not have electricity, hence teaching is carried out on clear days, without the aid of any electronic equipment.  To remedy this, we set ourselves the goal of solarizing all 111 primary schools in the Karagwe District and Kyerwa District of northern Tanzania.  This “solar electrification” consists of roof-top solar panels, light bulbs, TVs, radios, and phone charging strips.  Collaborating with Mavuno and Zola Electric, we conducted 10 installations in 2018, 36 in 2019, 36 in 2020, and finished with 29 in 2021.  The schools thus now have electricity essentially cost free for the foreseeable future.  We conducted surveys in the schools six months after installation, with the results showing an increase in both the quality and the quantity of education.


Blog #213: Accomplishing Despite Pandemic

2021 was a year like no other.  Covid-19 dominated our thoughts and actions; the world learned about vaccines, the Delta variant, Omicron, and we went about learning how to adjust.  The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation discouraged overseas travel by not granting any Volunteer Service Award.  To help organizations adjust to the Pandemic, we awarded more Project Grants than ever,13 renewal and 6 new ones.  With our Opportunity Grant, we continued to “solarize” primary schools in Tanzania, installing solar panels, lights, TVs, radios, and charging stations in 29 more schools.  With the Challenge Grant, Green Empowerment was able to accomplish two of their goals, hiring an in-country Uganda program coordinator, and starting the pilot project to electrify Nyumanzi Health Center.  Despite the shutdowns, four AllPeopleBeHappy Fellows completed their assignments in Costa Rica, Uganda, Jordan, and Dominican Republic, and we awarded two new Fellows grants.      

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Blog #212: Project Grant to Education Across Borders

A $10,000 Project Grant has been awarded to Education Across Borders for a WASH initiative in the Dominican Republic.  Education Across Borders’ mission is to create lasting solutions to extreme poverty in the most vulnerable communities in the Dominican Republic, including two bateyes, home to over 2,000 Haitian Dominicans living in deplorable conditions.  Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) initiatives are critical to the health of vulnerable communities. The need for latrines in the bateyes is significant (currently only 1 in 5 families has access to sanitation), and clean drinking water is expensive and scarce.  The lack of clean water and proper sanitation leads to dehydration, disease, unemployment, missed school, environmental contamination, and increased litter.  This project consists of the building of 5 new composting latrines for 10 families, purchase of water filtration systems for 55 families, and cost of staff to administer 12 months of training to families and data collection.

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