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The AllPeopleBeHappy Challenge Grant is a $100,000 matching grant distributed over 3 years.  The proposed project or program must be a scale up, expansion, or major “step-out” of the organization’s current operations.  Examples being entry into a neighboring country or a new region, an additional program here-to-forth not offered, or building an infrastructure that would impact many people.

In 2020, a Challenge Grant ($100,000 over 3 years, 2020-2022) was awarded to Green Empowerment for “Improving Healthcare, Education and Agriculture through Renewable Energy Access in Uganda.” 

The previous Challenge Grant was initiated in 2017 ($120,000 over 3 years, 2017-2019) and jointly awarded to LifeNet International (LN) and GEC (Global Emergency Care) for a program to “Transform Emergency Care in the Masaka District of Uganda.”

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Challenge Grants: Programs


Green Empowerment

The AllPeopleBeHappy foundation has awarded a 3-year (2020-2022) $100,000 Challenge Grant to Green Empowerment for “Improving Healthcare, Education and Agriculture through Renewable Energy Access in Uganda.”  This grant will enable Green Empowerment, who has primarily worked in Latin America and Asia, to establish a major presence in Africa by 1) hiring a Uganda Program Coordinator, 2) support a collaborative pilot project with the Power Partnership to provide solar energy to a health facility, 3) complete at least 7 solar installations at health clinics in 3 years, 4) integrate solar energy into other sectors such as education and agriculture, and 5) develop new partnerships to implement community-based renewable energy projects.

Challenge Grants: Who We Are
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LifeNet International & Global Emergency Care

A Challenge Grant ($120,000 over 3 years, 2017-2019) has been jointly awarded to LifeNet International (LN) and Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECC) for a program to “Transform Emergency Care in the Masaka District of Uganda.” 
LifeNet International seeks to transform African health centers by implementing best practices in infection prevention, hygiene, postpartum hemorrhage treatment, newborn health, and management.  Currently, LN’s conversion franchise model includes nurse training, management training, growth financing, and improve pharmaceutical supply-chain.  Since 2011, the network has grown to 86 facility partners across Burundi, Uganda, and DRC.  
Founded in 2008, Global Emergency Care Collaborative is a nonprofit organization funded and operated by American board certified emergency physicians.  GECC’s goal is to create sustainable, scalable emergency care systems in resource limited countries, and to improve health worker capacity through emergency care education.  Currently, GECC runs a 2-year trainthe-trainer program in emergency care for non-physician clinicians in Uganda.  Thus far, GECCtrained emergency care practitioners have treated more than 40,000 patients.
The Challenge Grant program entails 1) LN expanding its operations to two new health centers in the Masaka District, 2) GECC and Masaka Hospital hosting 9 didactic trainings per year for 4 or more LN nurse trainers, 3) LN’s nurse trainers will then train 16 health center staff in newly acquired emergency care skills, and 4) LN and GECC working together to plan, implement, and evaluate a new emergency referral system for the outlying health centers within the Masaka District.  At the conclusion of the 3-year grant period, LN would have added emergency care into its training curriculum, GECC would have permeated its emergency care methodology into a large region of Uganda, and many lives would have been saved.

Challenge Grants: Welcome
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