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Solar in Tanzania

Opportunity Projects are major projects which are initiated by the AllPeopleBeHappy foundation, or ones in which the Foundation is a principal administrator.  They should be mission critical and doable in collaboration with partner organizations.

In collaboration with Amazide, Mavuno, and Off-Grid Electric, we initiated in 2017 an Opportunity Project to bring solar energy to primary schools in Tanzania.  Most primary schools in rural Tanzania do not have electricity, hence teaching is carried out on clear days, without the aid of any electronic equipment.  To remedy this, we developed a pilot project to electrify 10 primary schools in the Karagwe District of northern Tanzania.  This “solar electrification” consists of roof-top solar panels, light bulbs, TVs, radios, and phone charging strips.  The installation was completed in the second quarter of 2018 by Zola Electric, and all equipment are guaranteed for 5 years.  The schools thus now have electricity essentially cost free for the foreseeable future.

After completing two surveys to assess the utility and impact of this “solarization,” we committed ourselves to a goal of solar electrifying all 111 primary schools in the Karagwe and Kyerwa Districts.  In 2019, we completed the solar electrification of 36 more primary schools.  This project continued as we solarized 36 more schools in 2020 and finished the project in 2021 with the solar installation at the remaining 29 schools.